Inlet Beach

Inlet Beach is an area where new development is outpacing our infrastructure. I do not want to stop development, but we must ensure that development enhances our Communities and not make them unlivable for all of us who want to continue to call Walton County our home!

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Gaskin 210

I'm running for Commissioner because I'm concerned about what's happening in our Communities. In a survey of Walton County voters, 3 out of 4 responded that lack of after-school activities were a top concern. Today, I'm in Precinct 210, Gaskin, home of Alford Park. This is nice park for young children, but we need to make sure there are facilities available for children of all ages, and not only for recreation, but also for tutoring and mentoring.

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Point Washington 530

Today I'm in Point Washington, Precinct 530, at the beautiful Eden Gardens State Park. I'm grateful for the State Parks and State Forest that provide for protected space. As Commissioner I will work to ensure that we get healthy development, that enhances our Communities instead of destroying them. Elect me on November 3rd and let's keep Walton scenic!

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Liberty 220

Today I'm visiting Liberty Precinct 220. An idyllic location, with birds chirping in the background. Lakewood Park has great hiking trails and is a hidden gem in our County! And it's the highest point in all of Florida!

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Argyle 340

Drive east along Highway 90 thru the rolling hills of Argyle. This area is served by a Volunteer Fire Department: EMT's, Medics and Fire Fighters who are all neighbors helping neighbors. This is just one of the characteristics that makes Walton a great place to live. Elect me on November 3rd and let's get Walton working for everyone!

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Darlington 240

Today I'm visiting Precinct 240. Darlington has rolling farmland, a historic Community Center and the beautiful Darlington Church. I'm running to represent District 5, but I will work for Communities all across Walton. Elect me on November 3rd!

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Valley View 360

Our Beaches are world renowned, but there is another spot in Walton that is beautiful and rare. Today I'm at Morrison Springs. A great place for swimming, paddling and  even scuba diving! The Springs also provide our drinking water in Walton, and need to be protected. I have plans to do just that.

The joyful laughter and squeals of children in the background are also a great backdrop for my plans to implement and expand after-school activities for our youth across the County. Read more about those plans here.

Please elect me on November 3rd and let's make Walton work for Everyone!

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